Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November 9th

We were back 'mothing' today inspired by the find in Dartford of a Black Spot Chestnut, the first for the country!! We did have a couple of migrants, Vestal and Diamond Back Moth, otherwise it was a bit quiet but nice to be back checking the trap, with some more southerly winds and a mild weekend we may still get something else. There was a year tick today, which was Mottled Umber.
December Moth

Mottled Umber

I did a long bird walk this morning, in distance terms at least, compared with normal and saw less species. The highlights were a TREECREEPER in the car park which showed really well, oh, for some good light! and a NUTHATCH called loudly by the moat. There are still lots of REDPOLLS around and were again the most numerous finch this morning. PIED WAGTAILS put in a noteworthy effort with upto 10 seen during the walk. I managed to find 4 or 5 GOLDCRESTS scattered around the estate but despite listening hard there was no sign of yesterdays Woodlark, in fact I didn't hear a Skylark either which is pretty unusual. There were reasonable numbers HOUSE SPARROWS by the Granary. Just 28 species today about the lowest total this year but still despite the drizzle etc. I wouldn't want to start the day any other way :-)


Greenie said...

Alan ,
Perhaps the birds are as fed up with the weather as we are , apart from this afternoon . said...

Is always curious for me the moth world...thank you for showing!

Warren Baker said...

I found a moth today Alan - havn't a clue what it is :-) Have a look !

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie, I like that you could well be right :-)

Hi El Campero Inquieto, I am glad you like the moths.

Hi Warren, It's a Caddis Fly but I wouldn't have a clue what sort!!!