Thursday, 3 November 2011

November 3rd

A pretty damp start today but it was mild and you never know :-).  First up were 4 REDWINGS south over the car park, a few GOLDFINCHES were in the hedges and at least 2 GOLDCRESTS were nearby. I decided to check the lakes out, as I hadn't been there early doors much lately, unfortunately it was still quiet, I managed a MOORHEN and a GREY HERON, still no sign of Little Grebe with time running out this year. The wood was also fairly quiet, the most noise was caused by the rain on the turning leaves!! Out in the fields I found a dead Mink, which reminds me, I forgot to mention when Tom visited from Colorado on October 23rd we saw a STOAT, the first I had seen at the castle, although I know Dad has seen at least one before.
Back to today and I was struggling to reach 30 species, there was then a little flurry of activity as a COMMON BUZZARD flew low overhead, a REED BUNTING called and my first COLLARED DOVE of the month whizzed by, nothing out standing I know but the list reached 36 species for the hour, considering the conditions, I was pleased with that. The camera stayed tucked away from the rain so here is something from a sunnier day!!
Not only a sunnier a day but a different place!!  Lesbos 2009


Steve Ashton said...

That's a cracking photo Alan, even if it was on a sunnier day in Lesbos.

Ramón Suárez said...

Muy bonita la foto de la mariposa en el cardo. Saludos!!

Christian said...

Yeah, that's a beautiful shot. Incredible colours and what an amazing creature.

Warren Baker said...

Thats cheating Alan! You cant show butterfly pics in November :-)

It is geeting very difficult out there for photo's now though 'aint it!!

Keep up the visits mate, I always like to compare your sightings to whats seen here.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Steve, Thanks, the Swallowtail is great to see and I really enjoyed them in Lesbos, especially when they posed.

Hi Ramon, Thanks, it was a lucky shot.

Hi Christian, Thanks, the light was particularly good that day.

Hi Warren, there might be a few more cheats yet!!
We are moving at work soon so visit might get more difficult but I hope it doesn't effect things too much!