Wednesday, 2 November 2011

November 2nd

A cooler night meant few moths this morning, just a handful of the usual suspects including a Grey Shoulder Knot.
The first bird I saw was a shadowy shape on top of the coffee shop a RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE, it crouched for a short time before whirring it's wings into action and disappearing. A FIELDFARE and several REDWINGS flew from their roost in the car park, later another 18 Fieldfares flew west as did 14 Redwings. I found a few more YELLOWHAMMERS today but still only around 10-15 birds hopefully the rest of the larger flock might return, the LINNET flock has also diminished to around 30 birds. A GREY WAGTAIL flew north and WOODPIGEON numbers were high again. For most of the walk round the field a COMMON BUZZARD could be heard calling, it sounded like it was from somewhere in the trees along the stream but several scans failed to pick it up. Walking across one of the stubble fields I disturbed my first SNIPE of the autumn for the patch. The rest of todays birds were much as yesterday, apart from 2 GREAT BLACK BACKED GULLS that flew east followed closely by about 15 HERRING GULLS and 4 GREENFINCHES were on top of a birch tree as I headed back to the car. I met the warden this morning and hopefully he will soon be planting a winter seed mix along one of the hedges to encourage the birds further, which will be great to see how it develops. The only pics I took today were of an eye catching male Pheasant, that looked like it was a Reeves cross type.

Sorry got carried away!!!


Ramón Suárez said...

Preciosa ave,desconocida para mí. Saludos desde España!! said...

Really nice shots of this peculiar pheasant, in Spain it doesnt you can se some followers fron spain have follow my tracks to your blog :-)

Phil said...

Plenty of Pheasants around Alan, including in my garden, but I haven't seen one like yours before!

Greenie said...

Alan ,
You sure that Pheasant is a cross ?
Looks as if it has just come out of A&E after an accident .

Warren Baker said...

I wish the farmers/landowners here were a bit more active when it comes to improving their land for wildlife. There is one field of game crop, but nothing is on/in it yet though.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Ramon, Thank you for your comment :-)

Hi El Campero Inquieto, it is a strange Pheasant! I'm pleased that some more people are following from Spain, Thank you.

Hi Phil, He is a bit unusual, certainly caught my eye.

Hi Greenie, I'm not too sure!! They did a good job with those bandages though :-)

Hi Warren, I'm looking forward to next when the seed takes and there'll be more cover, it is a shame there is not more of it.