Thursday, 10 November 2011

November 10th

The moths were almost non existent this morning but it that time of year when things slow down and it was a pretty clear night, we did still record one migrant the micro Rusty Dot Pearl, there was also a Northern Winter Moth new for me this year.
The bird walk was a much more sedate affair than yesterday and started with a flyover BRAMBLING. The car park was back to it's busy best with REDPOLL, REDWING, FIELDFARE, BULLFINCH, GOLDFINCH, GREENFINCH, GREAT TIT, BLUE TIT, GOLDCREST and LONG TAILED TIT all recorded plus several BLACKBIRDS, SONG THRUSHES and ROBINS. The Song Thrushes giving a few short bursts of song every now and then.
Redwing with obligatory branch infront!!! :-)

Great Tit

Across the valley the corvid flock had grown again with JACKDAWS and ROOKS in the ascendancy, 2 LINNETS flew over head and a couple SKYLARKS and YELLOWHAMMERS made themselves known. A KINGFISHER was again heard by the moat and later, seen briefly on a perch where I keep meaning to settle myself by, to try and get some pictures. A NUTHATCH was particularly noisy as it flew towards the gardens and another single SISKIN was recorded. GREEN and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER were added as I walked from the wood back to car park, which leaves a couple of raucous JAYS that headed into the wood and a flyover PIED WAGTAIL and single BLACK HEADED GULL, before it was time to go.
Another taste of Autumn


Ramón Suárez said...

preciosa foto otoñal. El herrerillo me encanta. Saludos!!

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Really caught the glint in the eye of that Great Tit . Nice one .

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Ramon, I'm glad you like autmnal photo, there are some great colours out there it would be nice to do them more justice :-)

Hi Greenie, Thanks, it's been a struggle getting any photos at all at the minute!

Warren Baker said...

Ah, the obligatory twigs !! Life wouldn't be the same Alan without them :-)

I havn't had the chance of a Redwing photo yet this year - twigs or no twigs!

Ken. said...

Hi Alan.
Well done with getting a shot of a Redwing. Still waiting for them to turn up in my area. I thought we put the twig in the shot on purpose!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, they do have a habit of sneaking in front of most things I take photos of!!

Hi Ken, Thanks, we still haven't got many Redwings may be a dozen or so hanging around. You might be right with twigs Ken :-)