Tuesday, 8 November 2011

November 7th and 8th

After the excitement of the weekend it was back to the patch yesterday, it was a sort of 'half light' for the whole visit. REDWINGS were leaving the car park with just a couple of FIELDFARES and at least 8 BLACKBIRDS were at various points around there too. An early KESTREL drifted over Park Field and the PHEASANTS were very vocal in the stubble fields mainly sitting on any available straw bale and announcing themselves to anyone that would listen!! I wandered with no particular purpose and found myself by the lake, where I stayed for the rest of the visit. A JAY flew through on the other side of the lake and a MISTLE THRUSH settled for a while in the Oak behind me. A few more Redwings went over and by the end of the hour visit around 42 birds were noted. I also counted the REDPOLLS, four flocks went over flying east totalling 38 birds then a few minutes later a flock of 55 came back west and settled around the Mistle Thrush, they were probably local birds going to and fro'. It was a shame it was so grey, I left the camera indoors, a KINGFISHER flew down from the moat and settled for a short time on a low willow, whether I'd have got a shot I don't know unlikely. 14 BLACK HEADED GULLS also flew north-east and I saw just one SISKIN as it flew over.
This morning  a few flocks of FIELDFARES were going over high south, not massive numbers maybe 50 in all and the REDWINGS again were leaving their roost. I idled round the fields to the constant calls of JACKDAWS, they were so noisy I'm sure was missing other birds calling!! I did however, mange to pick up  the calling GOLDEN PLOVER as it flew high north west, the second one this year, I was pleased that I saw this one as the other called from near darkness last month. There were still a few YELLOWHAMMERS around and 2 REED BUNTINGS. MEADOW PIPITS were also in ones and twos around the field. The best bird this morning though was a Woodlark found by Stephen around 9am and watched for about 5 minutes, that's 118 for the site this year, once again I shall have to wait until tomorrow :-)
With no pictures again, here is another delve into what is a limited archive!!
Proboscis Monkey - Kinabatangan River - Borneo 2008


Warren Baker said...

Wouldn't surprise me if steve managed to find one of those Monkeys at Sissinghurst! :-) :-) :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, he is on a good run, let's hope he finds some more bits but that they stay around and stop moving on!!

Rachel J said...

For a split second I thought I was going to have to start learning monkey calls too!!!!! :)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, I am getting desperate for a photo at the moment!!