Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New month new birds?

I seemed to be ready earlier today but still arrived at the castle at 7.10? Anyway it was almost like a Jekyll and Hyde scenario as I got out of the car, yesterday it was pretty noisy this morning there was hardly any song to be heard, it did start up as I made my to the lake. There were at least 3 different Bullfinches calling and just the odd Fieldfare and Redwing going over. I heard Redpolls going over on at least 6 occasions but none stopped. The Heron flew off the lake again as I approached and just 1 Moorhen appeared and no Mallard this morning, I always get my hopes up when nearing the lake, one day there'll be something else there, I'm sure. I continued through the wood and had 4 calling Nuthatch and 3 Treecreepers, Siskins were in evidence again mainly heard and not seen. Walking along the stream I could hear Long Tailed Tits and maybe 3 Jays a couple of Green Woodpeckers also had their say. Since Warren, of the Pittswood patch blog, had mentioned finding Bluebells coming through, I've been keeping an eye out to see when ours were visible and today there was one coming through by the stream. Once in the fields a single Skylark called and there were a few Goldfinches feeding in some alders.One Black Headed Gull patrolled the winter wheat. I headed back to the car park adding Linnet and Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a couple of immature Herring Gulls, the final turn back to look across the fields revealed a further 16 Black Headed Gulls had arrived but little else, a Greenfinch called in the car park as I reached the car. So no new birds for me today but a creditable 36 species in under an hour. Later I got a text from Stephen, he had managed to track down a flock of 12 Redpolls that contained a Common/Mealy Redpoll, a well deserved find as they have been giving him and me the run around this winter. This is the 73rd species recorded at the castle this year.
A murky view across to Park Field


Warren Baker said...

Hi Alan,
I see like me, you live in hope of finding something on the lake :-)

It will happen, it does here very occasionally.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren,

The lake always looks good, especially when I get there before the dogwalkers. Hopefully if I keep up my current rate of visits, I'll have more chance too. Do you get many people walking round the lakes on your patch?

Rachel J said...

Any handy ID tips on the lesser/mealy redpoll split you can share Al?

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach,

Mealy Redpolls are 'frosty' in appearance compared to Lesser, the wing bars are white as oppose to buff and the rump is greyer or whiter than Lesser. There are more differences like undertail pattern, there is a good piece on the differences with good photos on Worcestershire Birding, put in worcestershire redpolls on Google and the article comes up as one of the options.