Monday, 7 February 2011

Back to the Patch

Two days without visiting the patch and I sort of missed it!! and I think that's sort of worrying! Anyway this morning was again windy but dry, Siskins and Redwings were heard throughout the visit as were a couple of singing Song Thrushes, I headed passed the lake and into the woods, there were loads of Blue Tits and a few Long Tailed, I did heard one Marsh Tit a Jay as well as couple of Treecreepers. Then a familiar honking call was heard as a CANADA GOOSE (71) flew over, my first new species on the patch since Jan. 25th. It was still a struggle to find much this morning but a Yellowhammer came up out of the winter wheat, I also stood and watched as a Skylark in full song gradually made his way higher and higher unperturbed by the strong wind, most impressive!
This was taken on a brighter day! and is where I found my only Long Eared Owl for the site a few years ago.


Greenie said...

Alan ,
That last shot looks like the track between fields from the lane back towards the vegetable garden/orchard .
Hasn't some of it been layed since that was taken ?

Warren Baker said...

Good to be back on patch eh Alan :-)

Canada Goose for the year, well done.

By the way, I see your font changes after highlighting a word, it's annoying isn't it!! I find it best to highlight any words at the end of the post :-)

Rachel J said...

More worrying: sort of missed your blog over the weekend! I need to get out more!!!!

Alan Pavey said...


You are right Greenie that is the bottom half of that bit of track, Amazingly the photo was taken about 2 weeks ago on our only other bright day this year!! It was thinned and layed a while ago but has grown back very well :-)

Thanks for the tip Warren, I was scratching my head wondering what I was doing wrong!!

I think we should both be worried Rach! :-)