Friday, 6 May 2011

May 6th

Moths at 5am, unfortunately there wasn't a great deal to record today, compared to a week or so ago but there was at least 1 year tick in the form of 'Shears'. The aptly named May Highflyer was also recorded today along with Lunar Thorn, Seraphim, Iron Prominent, Shuttle Shaped Dart and Marbled Minor to name just a few. There were around 24 species in total, although I've not checked with Steve, who tends to write everything down while Pete and I struggle with ID!!
There were a couple of different birds today to. I had 2 hours, as there weren't many moths and we were there fairly early, as I headed back to the car to get the camera, a LITTLE OWL watched me go to the car get the camera out and allowed me to get a couple of shots before it flew off, I didn't manage any decent ones though!

Little Owl
I headed to the new orchard as Pete had just told me he had seen the Hoopoe on Tuesday! it's now been around for a month and has mostly been seen west of the car park. There wasn't loads of activity here but it was nice to find another LESSER WHITETHROAT, making possibly 4 singing males present on the estate. A GOLDCREST was also singing here and 5 LINNETS flew over. There is a long bridleway from the orchard to Digdog Lane, I walked the length of it and came across the Little Owl again. I added several COMMON WHITETHOATS, 2  GREYLAGS, 2 GARDEN WARBLERS, 3 YELLOWHAMMERS, 1 REED BUNTING and a pair of BULLFINCHES along the bridleway.

Common Whitethroat
Once in the lane I stood for a short time on the bridge, a NIGHTINGALE was close by as was a TREECREEPER, just as I left the bridge I heard a KINGFISHER, the first since January, after a couple of minutes it returned and flew low over the bridge, giving brief views.
Ramsons, I think

 Walking back through the fields the pair of KESTRELS were seen and a HERRING GULL flew south-west, also the SPOTTED FLYCATCHER was sitting where I photographed it yesterday, I waited 'til it moved, just to make sure!!

Yellow Flag Iris

I'm trying hard to get a good Goldfinch pic. patience I think!


ShySongbird said...

Lovely post Alan. Well done on getting any photo of an Owl :) Nice to see the Whitethroat too, it's two years since I got one!

I would say that is definitely Ramsons.

Lovely photo of the Iris :)

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Just love all those moth names , even if I can't ID them .
Wouldn't argue with your's and ShySongbird's flower ID .

Warren Baker said...

Maybe you have two hoopoes Alan :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi ShySongbird, Thanks, It was nice to have a bit of time and wish the lightr had been better for the Owl :-)

Hi Greenie, with the strange names it sometimes makes them easier to remember, trouble is there is always another moth that looks similar :-)

Hi Warren, Interesting, I like the idea of 2 Hoopoes, if I record three or four together in the next couple of months, that was probably the case :-)