Friday, 13 May 2011

May 13th

After several days with out a single raptor at the castle, the first bird this morning was a COMMON BUZZARD sat on the edge of Bull and Birches, other birds in the lane towards the castle included BULLFINCH, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER and several SONG THRUSHES. Once in the car park a GARDEN WARBLER sang well for a short time and 2 CUCKOOS flew over and were seen again later in veg garden.


The LESSER WHITETHROAT still sang near the car park but still didn't show itself for a photo. As I headed to the veg garden there were several LINNETS, SWALLOWS and a couple of HOUSE MARTINS. A KESTREL  looked like it was patrolling the field edges as I went looking for the SPOTTED FLYCATCHER, I was pleased to find 2 birds present, both being quite vocal.

My first young Pied Wagtail

Back lit Spotted Flycatcher

A scan across the fields towards Digdog Lane produced a low SPARROWHAWK, so a sudden rush of raptors today! Walking back to the car I was struggling to work out what the shape was on an Oak by the lake it turned out to be a GREY HERON. Later, at work, I spent the lunch hour sitting  waiting for a photo opportunity and managed a few photos of a couple of Swallows. Click on photos for larger image.


ShySongbird said...

Hi Alan, glad to find Blogger is behaving again!

Two Cuckoos!! I haven't even heard one this year so far :(

Lovely Swallow photos! I have never managed any as good as those, well done :)

Well done too on tracking down the Marsh Tit for your fellow birdwatcher on the previous post and I enjoyed the Reed Bunting photo also.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi ShySongbird, The Blogger was messing around a bit, I was pleased with the 2 Cuckoos, hopefully they won't be far away from you and you'll get one soon :-)

Thanks, the Swallows posed well for once :-)

I thought the Marsh Tit wasn't going to show, it was nice the that the bird watcher had been reading the blog which had brought him to have a look round. Thanks Al.