Friday, 9 December 2011

Decmber 9th

It was a beautiful start to the day today, slightly cool but lovely and clear. REDWING was one the first birds to put in an appearance flying quickly across the car park. A ROBIN followed me across the car park, as I tried to take photos of it, mostly getting too close to focus on in the improving light.

BULLFINCHES were calling, again locating them proved difficult, I'm sure it wasn't that difficult before I started carrying the camera around with me!! Heading out to the fields, the sky was littered with groups of WOODPIGEONS going in different directions, like fast moving little clouds. The corvids were also heading out to the fields, I'm not sure why but it may have been due to the lack of cloud cover, they were really high enjoying the free air space and the chance to get high! Just half a dozen BLACK HEADED GULLS quartered the Lodge field and a single LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL flew north. Overall it was pretty quiet but it didn't matter.


Steve Ashton said...

Some nice colours photographed today Alan

Mike H said...

Some nice shots today, that Robin looks just like the one from Sunday !

Warren Baker said...

Alan, I see you get as near to Magpies as I do!! At least you got a photo, I regularly fail to!

Phil said...

Things do seem a tad quiet Alan, but who cares when the sun shines and you can get some good pics!

Ramón Suárez said...

Que fotos más bonitas Alan. ¡Me gustan! Saludos!!

Christian said...

Lovely Robin shot Alan and a great sunrise shine.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Steve, thanks it was anice morning for light and colour :-)

Hi Mike, thanks, I bet it was the same Robin to!!

Hi Warren, It is rare I get close to Magpies on the patch, I liked it that this one perched under the yellowing leaves, almost an attempt to be arty!! whatever next :-)

Hi Phil, thanks, I suppose it's that time of year, it was nice to get some reasonable morning light for a change.

Hi Ramon, thank you, the light helped the photos today :-) Saludos!!

Hi Christian, thank you, I do like taking Robin pics, probably because they don't make it as hard work as some of the other birds!