Sunday, 27 October 2013


With just a short time available this morning I did a quick patch walk, things have been reasonably quiet apart from the visits to Hemsted, obviously to see more of the Parrot Crossbills, unfortunately I haven't seen the Two Barred again but there is probably still time unless it gets blown away tonight!!
So on the patch Dad had a LITTLE EGRET  in the week the first time for several months. This morning in gusty conditions there wasn't a lot about but the YELLOWHAMMER flock was upto about 30 birds with god numbers of HOUSE SPARROWS and CHAFFINCHES thrown in. Just one SISKIN went over and there was no sign of any Redwing or Fieldfare. The other bird that has been missing recently is Greenfinch I've hardly seen or heard one for months? So with little to report here are a couple of recent pics.
Sunrise a few days ago

Great Tit






Warren Baker said...

The only Greenfinch i'm finding are the three or four visiting my garden feeders.
Like the Yellowhammer shot :-)

Lou Mary said...

What a stunning sunrise! I love the goldfinch images, so nice to see them utilising the wild sources of food!

Helma said...

Wow, these are really great pictures Alan!
Beautiful color, bright and beautiful views.
I'm a pretty little (healthy) jealous of these birds.

David Gascoigne said...

Great pictures highlighting the beauty of common, and often under-appreciated birds.

Lasse said...

Great pics Alan ! said...

Beautifull yellowhammer.

Tammy said...

Hi Alan, this is a magnificent set! The sunrise is truly incredible! I really like the birds perched on the drying sunflower as well!