Thursday, 17 May 2012

A few new birds

After the Osprey on Bank Holiday Monday, I had a couple of days adding another raptor to the year list each day. A female MARSH HARRIER (86) was a surprise on Tuesday 8th, as it quartered fields near the road, a quick stop to relocate it produced another rare visitor here, a MUTE SWAN, which flew directly over head.
The next morning was pretty misty and I struggled for species but my mood lifted when a HOBBY (87) whizzed through at treetop height.

More Nightingale surveys have proved a little disappointing as none were found in three of the four squares I've done but the Sissinghurst square that includes the castle bucked the trend and did produce 5 singing birds on the 13th probably the most I've recorded in the area for some years.
The13th proved to be a really nice day and with it I added my first LESSER WHITETHROAT (88) of the year and during a guided walk that day we added a SPOTTED FLYCATCHER (89). The guided walk also gave the paticipants a treat in the form of a LITTLE OWL sitting out in the open, happy to be watched by the small crowd.
I took this a day or two after the guided walk

Spotted Flycatcher


Common Whitethroat

Good numbers of GARDEN WARBLER have been a feature this last week with many singing and pairs following eachother up and down the hedgerows. Some sad news was the Greylags that successfully raised at least 5 young have lost them all probably to Foxes I would imagine.
We have attempted 2 nights of recording the moths but with 9 individuals on the night I looked and 10 on the night Steve recorded it didn't inspire to do more, I'm hoping tonight might prove more fruitful.
Thank you for your advice on creating space for photos, very helpful, this means now the camera has been out on a couple days in the last week or so I can now put on a few of my usual dodgy efforts :-)
A couple of the few moths we found, Muslin Moths


heyBJK said...

Beautiful shot, Alan, and congrats on the new birds! The wren and owl are really nice!

Kungsfiskaren said...

Lovely serie, but my favorit are the little owl.
Greetings from Sweden

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Some good new species for the year there , but I think you have robbed the year list by one , you seem to have 2 x 87s .
How much , in carrots of course , did you pay the rabbit for that pose ?

Marc Heath said...

Brilliant Little Owl shot Alan.

Warren Baker said...

Nice to have a Marsh Harrier visit Alan :-) Also good to see you out and wrapping up the summer migrants for the year list. Very acceptable photo's today!

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, fantastic views. I am greeting

Mike H said...

Hi Alan good to read your blog again, glad to see you out and about. The Little Owl is very nice but i love the pose and composition of that rabbit .Great stuff.

Tammy said...

All wonderful shots Alan! Congrats on the new birds! The Little Owl is great sight!

John said...

Always nice to see a Spotted Flycatcher, a lovely little bird! Love the shot of the Little Owl Alan!

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos as always Alan. I'm soooo envious of your Little Owl, they never sit out in the open for me :-(

I should have said in my last comment that you need to download a resizer for the photos ( forgive me if you already knew that) if you need the name of one I can let you know, I'm on my iPad at the moment so would need to look on my laptop to tell you the name, just let me know if you need it.

Rohrerbot said...

Love the Little Owl....luuuuucky!!!! I find that it starts out that way a enter a trail etc and then everything heats up once you start looking/listening. I always think....will I see anything interesting...and something always shows up! All your shots are great....but I am in love with the rabbit on the path. It's like a cover to a book. It's really good.

Lasse said...

Great report and excellent photos! The little owl is sure a favourite !

Jeremy said...

Beautiful bird photos, Alan. And I love how you have framed the rabbit by the surrounding foliage!

Noushka said...

Very impressed!
The Little Owl is my favorite!

Magia da Inês said...


A primeira foto é simplesmente fantástica!!! Série maravilhosa de imagens.

Boa semana!

Jerry said...

Wow, that Rabbit capture at the top is especially endearing; nice one! said...

What a nice collection of pics..the rabit looks like in the carttoons and glad you have to be with the hobby!

Rachel J said...

Love the rabbit and the little owl. Good new birds too.

Helma said...

Hi Alan,

Also this series is really wonderful. You look lovely birds sharply. You nap I really great! Compliments for your photos.

Greetings, Helma

waldlaeufer68 said...

wow, I immediately chose the owl as my favorite .. very nice :-))
regards Frank

Joop Zand said...

Fantastic pictures again !!

greetings, Joop