Monday, 7 May 2012

Catching up on another week

Another busy week, work, Nightingale surveys, the patch, Badger watching and dipping!!
So last Sunday (April 29th) I had my first 3 SWIFT (83) of the year a pleasing return for just a quick walk in damp blustery conditions. Out of three Nightingale surveys I have only found Nightingales in one tetrad and that's on my patch, despite the habitat in the other areas I've visited looking perfectly good for them. Maybe the second visits will produce some. The patch did offer up another new bird for the year list during the week as several GARDEN WARBLER (84) arrived from Tuesday 1st May, probably the latest first date I've had for this species. The Badger watch with friends on Wednesday night was great, 3 Foxes and 8 Badgers all pretty close, really enjoyable as I've only seen a handful of live Badgers before.
Yesterday I headed off to dip the Little Bunting at Sandwich Bay!! my intention wasn't really to dip but that's just how it turned out, the highlight was a fly-over YELLOW WAGTAIL.
The best bird of the last week or so saved itself for todays walk with Bec an OSPREY (85) flew high north west over the castle, only my second spring record here. Also today a flock of 15-20 SWALLOWS was the most so far this spring, a SPARROWHAWK flew low passsed us only a couple of feet away as it hugged the fence line and a KESTREL was seen off by a determined Crow.
Only 1 Cuckoo was heard this week, there are no House Martins over the village yet and Lesser Whitethroat is absent from the patch as yet, where at least 3 were singing this time last year, hopefully the next week will produce some more bits and pieces.
I have question, blogger tells me I have run out of space for photos, can anyone tell me how to delete photos to make more space?? I would be grateful for any advice as I've tried a couple things and ended up writing this post three times!! :-)
Apple Bloosom


Greater Stitchwort?? (really not sure about that ID)

14 comments: said...

Congratulations for Osprey, always a treat!

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Well done with the Garden Warblers and the Osprey .
Spot on with the Greater Stitchwort too , watch out for the Lesser later in the month .

Warren Baker said...

Cor! Osprey! Nice one Alan.

You have to delete old blog photo's to upload more new ones. You only get so many Megs of free space. vist sign in and see your album. delete from there :-)

alan woodcock said...

Hi,both dipped on Bunting,when I arrived back home I was half expecting to hear it had been relocated later during the day.

ShySongbird said...

Well done on the Swifts, Garden Warblers and particularly Osprey! Your lovely floral photos are very cheering on yet another miserable day here.

Do you resize photos for your posts Alan? I found I was using up a lot of storage space during my first year of blogging until I realised I should be resizing. Since then I have barely used any.

Rohrerbot said...

The Osprey???!!!! You lucky devil! I've only seen them in their nests at clear shots photography wise....hopefully soon. There is one flying around here all the time:) Apple blossoms look beautiful!

Rachel J said...

Super photos Al! Yellow wagtail at Sevenoaks WR on Saturday apparently but I 'dipped' too, as you say! My first garden warbler today in P. Wood. Lucky you with the osprey!! Still no swifts in their usual haunt over Pembury but a small number at Sevenoaks along with swallows, sand martins and house martins. My lesser whitethroat down on the farm seems to have disappeared/moved on - disappointing. Good to catch up last week over the badger sett! Not sure about the photos thing, will consult clever clogs husband :)

Mike H said...

Good to hear from you and the patch again Alan. Glad that work is keeping you busy but sad not to hear more from the patch. Will have to try and pay it another visit it has been some time. Sorry you dipped on the LB I went to Oare for the gropper and glad I did.

Kungsfiskaren said...

Lovely flower serie
Greetings from sweden

Kungsfiskaren said...

Lovely flower serie
Greetings from sweden

Humberto Dib said...

I liked this blog, Alan!
Cheers from Argentina.

JRandSue said...

Superb photography,stunning colours.

Simon said...

Well done with the Osprey - I've never had one in Mote Park! Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

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