Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Windy Whetsted

Yesterday afternoon I decided to visit Whetsted to see if I could catch up with the Hooded Merganser that I missed a couple of weeks ago. The walk to the pit the Merganser was on was reasonably productive, a COMMON BUZZARD showed well perched halfway up some conifers and a GREEN SANDPIPER was seen, there were at least 30 SHOVELER, 11 TEAL, good numbers of TUFTED DUCK and POCHARD. A few FIELDFARES drifted over and a female GOLDENEYE was still present. The HOODED MERGANSER was at the back of the pit associating with a couple of MALLARD, it disappeared and I found it a couple minutes later the other end of the pit. I did take a few pictures but the light and the distance didn't give me the images I would have liked but I might go back as this patch is a place I did visit on occasions when I worked in Paddock Wood. On the way back to the car I found the male SMEW on the next pit, it to didn't get close but still I had a go at some pics.

Each time the Hooded Merganser dived, it opened it's beak as if a taking a deep breath! wise move :-)

Male Smew


Marc Heath said...

Nice shots Alan, 2 very nice day birds to get at the moment.

Richard Waring said...

Interesting to read all the different bird names Alan, at least you are able to get out now, must have warmed up! :-) Great efforts at that distance of both birds. Cheers, Richard

elcamperoinquieto.com said...

Never seen a smew in my live.
Well done.

John said...

Nice birds Alan! I must say that I am sorely tempted by the Hooded Merganser, but can`t make it until next week. I hope it hangs around!?

heyBJK said...

Are there different variations of Smew? I've never seen one like that before. That's gorgeous!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Marc, thanks, I was pleased to see the Smew and the Merg, especially as I didn't go to see the Chilham bird.

Hi Richard, thanks, the wind made it feel a bit cold but not too bad, shame the birds didn't come closer but it was nice to see them.

Hi El Campero, thank you, Smew is one of my favourite ducks!

Hi John, thanks, I hope you make it down here, as I say I might go back sometime.

Hi Brian, there aren't any other Smew but it belongs to the Sawbill family with Mergansers etc.

Warren Baker said...

Well done Alan, any photo of those two species is worth keeping :-)

Mike Attwood said...

You had more light than I did Alan. Nice shots.

Tammy said...

Great captures of the Merganser! They are so interesting looking!!

Mike H said...

Great shots Alan you did a lot better than I did. I left there at 12.10 and the wind and weather gave me record shots only!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, I will keep a couple of these for sure :-)

Hi Mike, thanks, the light plays such a huge part, something I didn't consider much before I started blogging and putting photos on.

Hi Tammy, thanks, your male Merganser was superb :-)

Hi Mike, it was a bit tough, the wind blew my tripod and scope over!!

Helma said...

Hi Alan,

you indeed know what to shoot mergansers and even a nun. I've never seen a nun because I can shoot it just never see unfortunately.

Greetings, Helma