Monday, 12 March 2012

Catching up!!

Apologies, I have been a bit quiet lately, hopefully I will get back into the swing of things soon!!!
I have managed a few short walks over the last few days. Last Thursday an early walk for an hour or so produced good numbers of winter thrushes, they have followed their usual pattern here and are appearing in the fields and not so much in the orchards now. There are now 2 COOTS on the lake after going missing for a couple of days, hopefully they'll hang around and have some success this year. Otherwise on Thursday it was 33 species in just under an hour with nothing out of the ordinary just a good spread of species.

Saturday I walked with Bec in the afternoon and added MEDITERRANEAN GULL (73) to the year list as one flew over calling with a small group of BLACK HEADED GULLS. I was hoping for a butterfly or two, none appeared but the Speedwell and Primroses looked good as the sun shone on them.
Speedwell, no idea which type!

 Sunday morning Steve checked the moths and found a new species for the castle a Tawny Pinion, I will post a picture soon as Steve has kindly sent one to me.
This morning I was out again from 7.15am to 7.55am, a YELLOWHAMMER sung near the car park and it was generally noisy as it has been the last few days. As I stood by the moat a CHIFFCHAFF sang and a pair of CANADA GEESE flew down to the lake, which was shrouded in mist. On the way back to the car 2 KESTRELS called and chased each other across Park Field, the whole thing felt very spring like :-)
A misty lake

Song Thrush



John said...

Hi Alan,
I just love the atmospheric shot of the misty lake! I can just imagine Excalibur rising out of the mist!

Phil said...

A misty lake and a Song Thrush among the dewdrops, very nice!

Tomás Crespo said...

Other morning well spent, that spring is also reached by the land, greetings

Tammy said...

The misty lake photo is gorgeous! Sound like some nice walks!

heyBJK said...

Nice photos, Alan! Love the Redwing and Kestrel. Beautiful flower shots, too!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi John, thanks, I was hoping for something exciting to come out of the mist, I'm not sure what though :-)

Hi Phil, thanks, I quite like the misty mornings.

Hi Tomas, thank you, it did feel very spring like with all the birdsong etc..

Hi Tammy, thank you, there are some really nice walks locally.

Hi Brian, thank you, I was actually pleased with the Redwing as I only got 2 pics and one was ok! Bonus! :-) said...

Nice pics of the trushses and the landscape with the pond and the fog is a real invitation to walk over there............

Lasse said...

Wonderful photos Alan !

Ramón Suárez said...

Buenas y variadas fotos, parece que ya va llegando la primavera. Me encanta la foto de la niebla.

Giga said...

Zaległości nadrobione. Idzie wiosna i oprócz pięknych zdjęć ptaków , są i kwiaty. Pozdrawiam.*** Arrears irreversible. Spring is coming, and in addition to beautiful images of birds, and flowers are. Yours.

ShySongbird said...

It sounds like you and Warren are in the same position with Coots Alan, I hope they do have some success. I don't think I have ever seen water around here that doesn't have Coots!

Lovely photos again. Primroses are my favourite wildflower, I saw the first of the year at the weekend :-) The Redwings and Fieldfares seem to have left their usual places here now.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Haven't seen a Winter Thrush for weeks now , thanks for the reminder .
I too like the lake shot , very much .

Alan Pavey said...

Hi El Campero, thank you, it was a great morning. Saludos!

Hi Lasse, that's very kind.

Hi Ramon, thank you for your comment Saludos!

Hi Giga, thank you, it certainly felt spring like :-)

Hi ShySongbird, thank you, I think you are right about Warren and I, I think it is just because the areas of water we have are not particularly large maybe?

Hi Greenie, thanks, I still have a few thrushes about, probably 30 or so of each at the moment.

Herman versteeg said...

erg mooie foto's.
groetjes Herman,

Warren Baker said...

Lots of Black Headed Gulls here Alan, I always hope to find a Med Gull amongst them, but only once has one been found.

Goos luck with the Spring birds mate!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Herman, thank you :-)

Hi Warren, thanks, I can always do with a bit of luck! the Med Gull was a bonus, never guaranteed :-)