Monday, 4 August 2014

Pastures new

Finally I have just a few moments to just to say I have moved from Sissinghurst to Boughton Monchelsea. I have managed to find a new patch but it is private and the owners aren't too keen on news coming out about what is there, which I will respect. This does give me quite a dilemma as I enjoy attempting to chronicle what I see. So far it has been very productive with 77 species since July 4th, so I will keep watching, as I think the potential is good for an inland site. I'm hoping to aid Don Taylor, (not that he needs my help :-) ) once we get things sorted in the new house, on his patch some weekends as access for me at the new patch is not as easy at the weekend.
I will do the odd post of any birding/mothing type things I do and I will have to come up with a different title for the blog, so watch this space for sporadic posts!!!!!!!!!!!!
A few random photos taken recently

Small Tortioseshell

Great Crested Grebe

Tree Lichen Beauty from the new garden

Small Ranunculus from the new garden


Warren Baker said...

Good luck with the new patch Alan, I hope you get a long list of species there.

Shame you cant post more often though, or give us a clue to it's where abouts. maybe some habitat information would be allowed :-)

Marc Heath said...

Good luck Alan with the new patch. I hope you find some good birds etc there.

Frank said...

Nice to see you posting again Alan and enjoying the challenge of a new patch.

Phil said...

Good luck with the new house and patch Alan.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
All the best in your new pastures .
Sissinghurst is the loser .

Mike H said...

Great to hear that things are finally settling for you at last Alan. You are even closer now so maybe we can catch up again. I met Gavin Coultrip at Oare last week he says Hi.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Alan.. Nice pictures.. Regards from Spain..

Maria said...

I will patiently wait for new beautiful photos;-) In any case, these are gorgeous!

Helma said...

Hi Allan,

Very unfortunate that the owners are not so enthusiastic, but maybe you can come tote a compromise. Your photos are very beautiful weather. The little fox, a nice grebe and your two moths.

Greetings, Helma