Friday, 10 January 2014

Interesting Redpoll - Hemsted Forest, Kent

On Thursday 9th this bird was found by Steve Broyd and subsequently Stephen Message, who got several video grabs as follow here. Any comments are welcome, I'm hoping there will be plenty of opinion.
The bird was seen close to where the Crossbills have been being viewed from, where everyone stood to look at the Oak and drinking pool just take the next left turn and head down the dip until it levels out and view the alders in that area.


Warren Baker said...

Looks like a Mealy to me Alan.

Pete Woodruff said...


Maria said...

Yes,Mealy Redpoll. Nice!

Helma said...

Wow how cool you Carduelis flammea have photographed Alan. A Common Redpoll, I would also like to have it once the lens. Seen very well.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Would like to chip in on your Redpoll , but don't see enough of the species to do so .
Only saw my first of this Winter in the last few days .