Friday, 2 August 2013

More from this week...

Wednesday saw 8 CROSSBILL fly over and a GREY WAGTAIL, two birds that are not common here but still just about regular. This was only the second Grey Wagtail of the year, a come down from when they bred on the estate.
Long Tailed Tit - drying out!

Typical hedge line around the castle

Thursday was a moth morning meeting Steve at 4.30am, there were good numbers, especially COMMON FOOTMAN, we did have 4 moths new for the year as well COPPER UNDERWING, WHITE SPOTTED PUG, STRAW UNDERWING and SUSPECTED. The current total for macro moths this year is 285 although I know Steve added at least one more this morning with a new site record, ROUND WINGED MUSLIN. Below are a couple of micro moths from Thursday morning and a KENT  BLACK ARCHES.
Acleris Holmiana

Pyrausta Purpuralis

Honeysuckle Moth (Ypsolopha Dentella) and above.

Kent Black Arches

It was quiet for birds Thursday, as was this morning until I was watching a young GREY HERON in the new pond, just after it flew off a V formation of waders came into view from the east, unfortunately not onto the new pond but 50+ WHIMBREL (95) continued west, my highest count here. These are a slightly less the annual sighting and nice addition to the year list.
Part of the Whimbrel flock this morning


Isidro Ortiz said...

Bonita captura del juvenil de Mito.Un abrazo

Christian said...

I feel sorry for the LTT, Alan! A lovely photo.

Noushka said...

Great moth captures, Alan!
Thanks for dropping a sweet comment on my blog!
I had a look at your previous posts, you've got great birds, dragonflies and moth findings!
Enjoy your wE!

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Alan!!!.. beautiful picks ...! Long Tailed Tit ( Mito) so cute.. Greetings from Madrid ..

Warren Baker said...

50+ Whimbrel! Blimey, I get excited at one :-)

Your hedges there are a real sight to behold, make the ones here look positively bedraggled :-(

Helma said...

Hi Alan,
very nice to see. these moths And what is that bug in picture 5 and 6? Many wonderful colors. Also your bird photos in one who has just taken a bath is very nice set.
Regards, Helma

Lou Mary said...

That poor little LTT! It doesn't look too disgruntled though. I really like the whimbrel formation photo.