Friday, 19 July 2013

New Pond Waders!!

Wednesday morning I managed to get to the patch, Stephen was there already so I rang to see how and where he was, as I was going to head in a different direction to cover more ground but I was quickly heading to join him to see our first migrant waders on the new pond 2 GREEN SANDPIPER (92). They were hidden from view when I arrived but one came in to view then started calling as it flew up closely followed by the other, fleeting but great 'What's next' I wonder must be more to come :-)
1 of 2 Green Sandpipers (record shot)

I didn't see a lot else, although LESSER WHITETHROAT was nice, Stephen did have a HOBBY with a small songbird in its talons, which may well have flown straight over my head!
Yesterday I was at the castle by 4.10am where there were lots of moths 94 species and probably 300 individuals. Highlights were SANDY CARPET, ORANGE MOTH, 6 MUSLIN MOTHS, BEAUTIFUL HOOK-TIP and SCARCE SILVER LINES.
I walked until around 6.50am recording a couple of juvenile GREY HERONS, COMMON BUZZARD, SPOTTED FLYCATCHER, 11 GOLDFINCH and 6 GREYLAG GEESE. I was hoping for maybe a returning Sedge Warbler as I have on occasions recorded them by now, maybe soon. 
Beautiful Hook-tip

Orange Moth

Scarce Silver Lines

Unknown Micro - help!!


Warren Baker said...

Having a nice size pond, with lots of wet edges, must be well exciting at this time of year Alan, very envious of that :-)

Alan Pavey said...

I wish it was bigger!! :-)

Kungsfiskaren said...

Lovely serie, i have no idea
Have a nice weekend

Maria said...

I love these butterfly images!

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Nice migrant wader species to christen the new pond , well done .
As for the micro moth , looks like a black and white one to me , sorry about that !

Helma said...

Really great that you two times the Green Sandpiper and saw a bird that is still on my list to even be able to photograph :-) You moths are really beautifully photographed Alan. Very nice seeing them and could capture.
Beautiful color and beautiful clear details