Monday, 15 April 2013

A Busy Weekend, with some dodgy record shots

With Saturday morning starting dry and calm I was hoping for a couple of new birds on the guided walk. The highlights early on were the first singing BLACKCAP (73) of the year, closely followed by not one but two KINGFISHERS, one of which landed briefly in view. There were plenty of CHIFFCHAFF singing maybe 8 in total, also a SWALLOW flew north, some winter hangers on were, about 6 REDWING and 5 SISKIN. Around the fields SKYLARK and YELLOWHAMMER did their stuff, at least 4 BUZZARDS were seen adding to the earlier SPARROWHAWK and the very early morning KESTREL. Another new bird for the year flew over when we neared Digdog Lane, CORMORANT (74). 48 species were seen in all and the first butterfly of the year was seen, a Peacock.
I strarted late Sunday, Stephen had already recorded COMMON WHITETHROAT, JACK SNIPE, LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER and another BLACKCAP early on. My walk with Bec provided some varied sightings including 2 Toads swimming across the top lake, a Grass Snake in the small pond in the wood plus Brimstone, Peacock, Small White and Small Tortoiseshell on the butterfly front. Birds came in the form of several NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER, MARSH TIT and the years first LINNET!! (75) for me. Best of all on this walk was a female MARSH HARRIER (76) flying east over Bull and Birches.
I set out again around 4.30pm for a skywatch, I set myself up looking pretty much due south. In an hour I had a minimum of 7 BUZZARDS, 1 SPARROWHAWK, 6 SWALLOW, 4 PIED WAGTAIL, 1 CORMORANT, 1 LITTLE EGRET and a few gulls. While I was doing this I didn't realise Stephen was looking across the valley to the east but I joined him quickly after he rang and said he was watching a male RING OUZEL (77) in a field not far from the restaurant!!! The bird showed well and was still there this morning. A really great weekend, Ring Ouzel was new for the patch for me and it was Stephens 3rd sighting for the patch.
Below are some random pics from the weekend.
Probably the best Jay pic I've managed so far, not difficult as the rest have been distant and out of focus!!

Common Toads, I think.

Grass Snake

Record shot Marsh Harrier

Blue Tit

Long Tailed Tit

Another record shot Ring Ouzel!!


Deano said...

Some good stuff there Alan. Nice one :-)

Lou Mary said...

I also saw a ring ouzel at the weekend, which was a first for me! Your record shot is much clearer than mine! Lovely photos!


alan woodcock said...

Hi,very good day and a Ring Ouzel as well,cant be bad.

Pete Woodruff said...

Nice account, excellent illustrations Alan.



Maria said...

I love that pink Jay and the grass snake.

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Great pictures.. I love the jay.. A regard from Madrid..

Eve Francesca said...

A lovely selection of photo's, especially like the Jay!

ShySongbird said...

A very nice collection there and an interesting post Alan. Love the photo of the Jay, I've never managed one and haven't even seen a Jay for ages! Well done with the Ring Ouzel, I've never seen one at all so am envious about that. Yes, I would definitely say Common Toads.

Warren Baker said...

oooooh! some nice birds there over the last few days Alan, Ive had the Marsh harrier, but would love the Ring ouzel! :-)