Friday, 15 March 2013

March 14th

Certainly a nice bright morning and the birds knew it, 15 GOLDFINCH whizzed around the veg garden, where a YELLOWHAMMER sung. From here I could hear NUTHATCH and GREEN WOODPECKER, the fields below held SKYLARK, COMMON GULL, BLACK HEADED GULL, REDWING, FIELDFARE, BULLFINCH and loads of PHEASANTS that appear to have escaped the gun until the winter maybe!
View from the car park

Robin in song

The lake was partially frozen and a couple each of MALLARD and MOORHEN were the only signs of life, just in the wood a small flock comprised SISKIN, LONG TAILED TIT, COAL TIT, GREAT TIT and a MARSH TIT. Heading back to the car a GREY WAGTAIL flew over and a KESTREL blended in well with the oak it sat in.
Cryptic Kestrel

A bit closer

Driving home from work the setting sun caught my eye


Greenie said...

Alan ,
That Kestrel certainly was cryptic , especially from a distance .
We had a similar sunset , one minute dark cloud , next , a searchlight on us . Nice shot .

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Alan.. Nice place to take photos.. Beautiful pictures.. .. Congrats

Warren Baker said...

Still awaiting my first Greywag for the year Alan, swap you for a Cormorant :-)

ShySongbird said...

You did very well to spot the Kestrel from a distance Alan, well captured! Good to know the Pheasants escaped the guns :-)

Maria said...

Beautiful Robin and landscapes!

Helma said...

Very nice :-) Alan
The robin but you kestrel in the tree.
The photo with the sun is quite nice. I can then really enjoy hours :-)

Giga said...

U na też jeszcze jest zimno i nawet śnieg. Dziekuję, ze spotkałeś na spacerze mojego ulubionego rudzika. Pozdrawiam.
U on it is still cold and even snow. Thank you, meet for a walk with my favorite Robin. Yours.

Linda said...

Stunning captures.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Magia da Inês said...

º° ❤♫°
Belas fotos, a última foto é simplesmente maravilhosa.
Bom domingo!
Boa semana!

°º♡ Beijinhos do Brasil.
º° ♡ ❤♫°