Sunday, 6 January 2013

January 6th - misty!

Looking out of the window before I left the house it was touch and go whether I went out at all, as I could barely see to the bottom of the garden! However, I made my way to the castle, the car park was quiet, a few BLACKBIRDS called but the mist certainly affected what was about. Stephen has been around on the patch recently and has been checking the finch and bunting flock, so that's where I headed. On the way down an unfamiliar call turned out to be the CORN BUNTING (53) that has been wintering with the Yellowhammers.
I reached the area where the flock has been feeding, the first birds I saw were 50 SISKIN, wheeling around in the gloom, a few CHAFFINCH and YELLOWHAMMERS were dropping in and out of the stubble. When they all flew up there must have been close to 200 birds a roughly half and half split between Chaffinch and Yellowhammer, it's a shame the light wasn't a little better as Stephen had seen Brambling earlier in the week. 13 SKYLARKS flew up as I made my way towards the wood, once in the wood a MARSH TIT appeared briefly with 2 GOLDCREST and the Siskins dropped in with 6 REDPOLLS. I disturbed a BUZZARD as I walked toward the lake. The brightest part of the morning was a KINGFISHER (54) that sat for a few seconds above the Crane Brook before flying across the lake. 35 species in two and a half hours was 14 down on the New Years Day walk in the same amount time, the sun makes all the difference.
Yellowhammers and Chaffinch feeding field

Part of Sissinghurst ancient woodland

Another Wren pic from the 1st Jan



Greenie said...

Alan ,
You're certainly right about the sun , this gloom is really getting to people now .
It's donkey's years since I saw or heard of Yellowhammer in those numbers .
Great to get a couple of year ticks , despite the mist , well done .

Tammy said...

Ironically, it was soooo foggy here this morning as well! Your scenery photos are delightful; I love the bales! The Wren is sweet also!

Findlay Wilde said...

A great picture of the Wren

Marc Heath said...

Great scenery Alan. I didn't get out today but by the looks of it I was blessed looking at the weather.

Mike H said...

Great to hear about the large numbers of finches in the cornfields Alan. Must get down there soon to check them out but will wait for some sunshine. Maybe Wednesday ?

Maria said...

The wrens are absolutely charming!

Isidro Ortiz said...

Bonito lugar para pajarear.Las capturas de Chochin son estupendas.Saludos

Warren Baker said...

Hi Alan,
You've got 9 species on your list that I havn't :-) Mind you we'll call that 8 'cause |I don't count the Feral Pigeons ;-)

de bossies! said...

Prachtige foto's ..
Het blijft ook zo'n mooi vogeltje Winterkoning of is het klein Jantje?
Ook de Pestvogels ( Waxwings ) zijn helemaal top!
Wat een prachtige vogels
groetjes Henk

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Hi Alan. Happy new year. ha!!!.. Beautiful pictures.. I like Wlen.. Greetings..

Jason K said...

Nice one on the Corn Bunting and Kingfisher Alan.

Great Wren photos btw

Lasse said...

Love your pictures, great work!

Helma said...

Hi Alan,

you've seen so many birds that morning I read it. Yellow Buntings and other buntings, but the wren what show you now have your very beautiful gefotgrafeerd.
Regards, Helma

tours in pakistan said...

Salute to your pictures. I really enjoy that blog tours. We are in wait for some more pictures.

Magia da Inês said...


Belas fotos.
Esse pássaro é super fofo!

Beijinhos do Brasil.
º° ✿✿·. D░I░A░ !

Tim Gutsell said...

Great read Alan, like the Wren shots.