Sunday, 11 November 2012

5th-11th Nov - Patch Tick!!

After last weeks late Swallows and House Martin things slowed down a bit on birds flying through this week, although the 5th saw 4 BRAMBLING flying north and about 12 FIELDFARE. The 7th produced a calling LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER and 30 REDWING. The Lesser Spot called again early on the 9th, when a single CROSSBILL flew east. SISKIN numbers sort of improved as up until now I have managed ones and twos, so a couple of flocks of 10 were an improvement. One of those flocks was this morning (11th), also this morning I managed a KINGFISHER by the moat and 3 GREEN WOODPECKERS were in lake field and as I tried unsuccessfully to stalk them and get a photo, a flock of 6 small geese caught my eye flying north-westish, these, to my surprise, turned out to be EGYPTIAN GEESE (104) a new bird for the patch!! only the second new bird this year after the heard only Golden Oriole in the spring.

Egyptian Geese

With a few days being a little milder we did record some moths, I forgot to mention last week that Steve had a GEM only the 3rd record here from memory. This week we added a couple more moths for the year, DECEMBER MOTH, MOTTLED UMBER and SCARCE UMBER, other moths included BARRED SALLOW, 9 SPRAWLERS on the night of the 8th, when there were also 19 NOVEMBER MOTH.
Below are a few random images from the last week.
Another Yellowhammer

Random Bale!



Another Yellowhammer!!!!!!!


December Moth


Tammy said...

Congrats on seeing the Egyptian Geese! Beautiful series of photos! Great colors on the Goldfinch!

Marianne said...

Damn, if I'd known you needed Egyptian Goose for a patch tick I'd have swapped you some of our local ones for a couple of your Yellowhammers :)

Lovely photos, especially love the Dunnock with the blurry wire pattern behind it, and the one of the leaves.

Maria said...

Great variety of living creatures!

Jason K said...

Well done on the Egyptian Geese Alan. They would be a lifer on my patch too.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Well done with the Egyptians , the fez certainly makes the ID easy doesn't it .
As Marianne says , we take them and the Parakeets for granted , but it's not the same all over .
Nice selection of shots too .
BTW - is 'random' related to Gareth , the Tottenham flyer ?

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie, it could be especially if that Bale starts rolling it would soon gather a similar pace ;-)

Warren Baker said...

Egyptian Geese have flown over here on a very few occasions Alan, not this year though,.........Yet!

Nice set of random photo's :-)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Alan. I used to be able to keep up with you on Yellowhammer sightings but have not seen many this year. Well done on the Egyptian Geese.

Rohrerbot said...

A moth?? in the world does that little thing survive? You had me a Egyptian Geese....what a wonderful surprise! And the Yellowhammer reminds me of a Yellow Warbler. Cool shots! And exciting. I would be have been extremely excited just to spot the geese!

Helma said...

Very nice pictures again and also all a bit in the fall colors. Only 7 of the picture Putter I find a bit too dark but the other pictures are a joy to watch :-)
Regards, Helma

Russell said...

They are pretty cool looking geese and love that Dunnock picture. The Yellowhammer is really lovely surrounded by the berries.