Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A quick visit

I went for a quick look at the patch this morning, managing a look at the car park and the vegetable garden. Immediately noticeable was the sound of MEADOW PIPITS sporadically calling as singles and small flocks made their way overhead, half a dozen BULLFINCH were in the car park as were 2 BLACKCAPS and a couple of CHIFFCHAFF. Walking towards the veg garden a NUTHATCH and several GOLDFINCH were by the cottages a few HOUSE MARTINS drifted over.



 A new bird for the year in the shape of a GREY WAGTAIL (99) flew south and was seen flying back north about ten minutes later. Amazing, that up until a couple of years ago they bred here and could be seen easily all year round. There were plenty of YELLOWHAMMERS and CHAFFINCHES in the mature hedge where the piglets are and a GREEN WOODPECKER struck a pose briefly as I reached the bottom of the veg garden.
Green Woodpecker
Last week my work colleague told me about something dead on the side of the road, not a pleasant subject I know! but it was near the castle and she thought it might be a deer or maybe Wild Boar, talking to Pete the warden at the weekend, it turns out it was a large male Wild Boar, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled on my morning walks in the future!
On the moth front Steve has recorded our 436th species of Macro at the castle in the last week in the shape of a PALE EGGAR, hopefully I'll join him later this week.

Both pics taken from the house last weekend


Mike H said...

Lovely shot of the Nuthatch in the morning light Alan.

Rohrerbot said...

Alan, I love your woodpeckers found in your area. They are such interesting looking birds. I enjoy the entire woodpecker family....but it's nice to see such a colorful green one. Excellent closeups...especially on the Nuthatch who like to bounce around a bit:)

John eos shooter said...

Nice shots Alan!

ShySongbird said...

Hi Alan, Great shots! I particularly like the Nuthatch, I have never managed a really decent shot of one, only a couple of poor efforts. I am expecting photos of Wild Boar in the future...live ones of course :-)

I was positive I had commented on your post with the lovely little Whinchat, I was sure I had sympathised with the bad back, it's a miserable condition! I hope you are feeling much better now but mind how you move and do plenty of careful stretching.

Warren Baker said...

Those Mipits are pouring through now Alan, soon be winter thrush time :-)

Herman versteeg said...

geweldige serie erg mooi.
groetjes Herman,

Martyn Wilson said...

Superb Nuthatch Alan.

Isa said...

Quelles belles photos !! Félicitations pour votre blog !

Tammy said...

Hi Alan! These are all beautiful species you have captured! I love the Green Woodpecker; I think its one of the prettiest I've seen!

Rachel J said...

Sounds like you are up and about again, a good sign, hope your back is improving Al. Good to read your updates again. Great pics. As always!

Helma said...

Great all these birds :-) Alan

The Green Woodpecker I find quite a hit. That is a bird that does occur here, but I've never been able to photograph. You Putter nuthatch and you also know very nice capture.

Greetings, Helma