Sunday, 29 July 2012

The last few days

Just a couple of short visits at the end of the week hasn't produced a lot but a TURTLE DOVE flew over the veg garden Thursday morning and 3 young KESTRELS sat high in a tree calling constantly as I searched for the first returning Sedge Warblers that appeared about this time last year. The highlight of a short walk yesterday were a couple bursts from MARSH TITS in Roundshill and Bull and Birches.
A brief glimpse of a dragonfly turned out to be my first Migrant Hawker of the year, the only other dragon/damsels were a couple of Large Red Damselflies loafing on a reed.
Moths have been loving the warm weather and Steve has had some busy mornings in the last three days culminating in 107 species being recorded just yesterday morning with over 700 macros and maybe 1000 micros in and around the traps, some highlights were WAVED BLACK, DARK SPINACH, KENT BLACK ARCHES, CLAY FANFOOT and OLIVE. Here are few recent pics.

Young Kestrels

Dewick's Plusia from last week


Young Fox exploring the freshly cut hay

Light at the end of the path!



ShySongbird said...

Hi Alan, I just came over to comment on your last post and found a new one :-) Good to see you posting again. Lovely photos of the Woodcock and Skylark on the last post and also the deer.

Great to see the young Kestrels and Fox on this post.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Alan,
Some nice 'arty' type photo's today :-) I dont seem to have an eye for that type of thing :-(

Good to see you out birding again!

Lasse said...

Nice and beautiful pics Alan !

Mike H said...

Glad to see you out and about and posting again. Let me know when you fancy some company and we can go round again. Paid a visit with my wife Friday to the gardens and saw a lovely Spot Fly behind the shop.!

Rohrerbot said...

That light at the end of the path is spectacular! You sure took a lot of macros....and that fox. What a capture! I'd love to get a pic someday of this beautiful animal.

Jerry said...

Some gorgeous Phots here Alan. Love the Dewick's Plusia - never seen one myself, very envious!

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Great use of the early morning light .
Like the 3 Kestrel shot .

Findlay Wilde said...

I really like the young kestrels

Phil said...

Very nice pics Alan, really like the Fox.
Good to see your posts coming up again!

Helma said...

Very nice series again Alan and especially your last picture I love of the Putter. Your other photos are also beautiful, but the putter is my favorite.

Greetings, Helma

Christian said...

Hi Alan - you really caught that Kestrel - nice and sharp!