Friday, 17 February 2012

Feb 17th - Start of Moth season

Back to reality today, I was determined to get out although the 'man flu' I'm battling is starting to become a drag!! (strange how it almost disappeared when I was watching the Eagle yesterday!) I was a bit late meeting Steve and Pete but we checked the moths around 7.40am and found 40 moths of 8 species, a reasonable start. The species were, March Moth, Spring Usher, Dotted Border, Chestnut, Early Moth, Pale Brindled Beauty, Oak Beauty and Satellite.
Dotted Border

Spring Usher

I got walking soon after 8am, it was a strange walk which seemed very quiet but I managed 45 species. The highlight was probably the LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER again seen flying over 3 GREY HERONS that were perched high in the trees. Over 30 MEADOW PIPITS was a good count and there were SKYLARKS seemingly singing above every field. A few YELLOWHAMMERS were back with at least 3 males were singing well. Birds of prey today were KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK and a calling COMMON BUZZARD. The woods were fairly noisy COAL TITS and MARSH TITS calling in several places plus GOLDCRESTS, TREECREEPERS and the odd LONG TAILED TIT. One GREYLAG GOOSE flew over Park Field and FIELDFARES trickled over all morning, at one point it looked as though several groups were making their way north with some conviction? There were no Siskins today and just 4 REDPOLLS were feeding in leaf litter deep in the wood.



Tomás Crespo said...

Spectacular images of the eagle, but this post is fantastic the Goldcrest up to ilex

Phil said...

Great Goldcrest Alan, did you pin it to the branch to keep it still?
Glad to see there are moths about, butterflies next!

Warren Baker said...

I thought the same about the Fieldfares going north today Alan, looked to be on their way back home.

Nice Goldcrest, I bet you took more than one photo, then binned 'em, like I did yesterday!! :-)

Tammy said...

Beautiful capture of the Goldcrest! The moths are lovely too.

Ramón Suárez said...

Preciosas aves Alan. Saludos!!

Mike H said...

Great Goldcrest Alan. I spent from 10.30 until 2.3o walking round yur patch today. High lights for me were 3 Bulfinch behind the shop,and nuthatch in the tree there. Many Marsh and Coal tits but in the canopy where we saw them before. There were around a dozen or more yellowhammer in the usual field and Fieldfare going over the whole time calling as they go. No really good shots were taken.Lots of dogs !!

heyBJK said...

Fantastic shots of the moths, Alan! Great close-ups! The Goldcrest is beautiful!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Tomas, thank you, I'm glad you like the pics.

Hi Phil, thanks, those pins do come in handy sometimes!!

Hi Tammy, thank you, it's the moths are back out again.

Hi Ramon, thank you, Saludos!!

Hi Mike, thanks, I struggled to get any photos today, I only lifted the camera to about 5 birds, they really weren't playing ball.

Hi Warren, interesting you noticed sort of movement going on, here when they arrive they fly low hugging the treetops, these were doing the same but heading north.

I've been binning Goldcrests for weeks :-) I got about 10 pics including the one posted!

Hi BJK, thanks, I've been trying to get reasonable imagw of Goldcrest for what sees like ages!1 :-)

Christian said...

Fantastic Goldcrest image Alan. They are so hard to get!

Magia da Inês said...

Belas fotos, essa última é fantástica.
Bom fim de semana de Carnaval!

(⁀‵⁀,) ✿

Kenny Isaksson said...

Breat blog Alan
I love your Goldcrest
BR /Kenny

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Christian, thanks, I've been trying for ages!!

Hi Ines, thank you for your comment :-)

Hi Kenny, thank you for visiting my blog, glad you like the Goldcrest. All the best.

Rohrerbot said...

I love your shot of the Goldcrest. Beautiful bird. PS. Reality sucks:) PS. How do we alter reality to make it match what we'd like it to be:)?

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rohrerbot, thank you, reality is hard to get your head round sometimes and unfortunately I think we can only adapt and try and make our own sense of it as best we can, rather than make it what we want, but there are times when enjoying nature takes us to where we want to be, for me anyway.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Somehow missed your mega - post . Brilliant shots of the WTSE .
Like the Goldcrest too .
As for Fieldfares , have hardly seen any for a week .